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Before Your Next Marketing Campaign, Make Sure That You're Really Ready To Receive Traffic!
"By far the most valuable consultation I may have ever received. This man knows his stuff and I cant wait to work him. Truly priceless. Thanks, TechDex!"
Co-Founder of Major League Credit & Lending
Ready to promote your website or funnel but don't know if your site or funnel is ready? The experts at TechDex will let you know...
Are you really ready to drive traffic to your website or funnel? Book an HQ tech consult with one of our experts and make absolutely sure you don't waste time, energy, or money on your campaign. Don't throw good money after bad. We offer peace of mind.

Why A High Quality Tech Consultant? Easy...

You need traffic - high quality, converting traffic.
And without a steady flow of quality traffic to your website or funnel, just like a traditional store at the mall that no one visits, you won't make money -- or worse, a lot of people come but they're just lookie-Lou's. Window shoppers that look, but don't buy anything.
And even worse than that... TONS of people come to your site, but you're not prepared to handle all of the traffic, your site crashes, (or you get so much business you're overwhelmed), and suddenly you're out of business before you even start.
Your reputation, ruined, as hundreds, maybe even thousands of people take to social media and review sites to trash you and your business.
I've seen it happen, and this is why you NEED a High Quality Traffic consultant.
I will help you:
  • Identify: the right market(s) for your business, and your ideal customers.
  • Optimize: your business is to better convert traffic to leads, and leads to sales.
  • Fix: Any technical problems so that your funnel or website is ready to receive traffic.
In short, I will make sure that you are ready do business without having to worry about:
  • People not coming to your site (obscurity).
  • Having the wrong people come to your site (window shoppers).
  • And making sure that you're able to handle the traffic that comes...
So you don't have a disaster that can shut down your business if you go viral, possibly ruining your reputation.

Hey. My name is Dexter, I am a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and since 2004 I have helped countless companies, small business, and entrepreneurs succeed online though consulting, technical support, and helping them meet their goals through targeted traffic.
I combine my extensive technical background and expertise in engineering and programming with my expertise as an online marketer to create customized, effective solutions to help companies get results.
And I've had the honor to work in some of the most challenging markets in the world including: sports, fashion, health and wellness, communication, entertainment including music and television/movies, real estate and commercial real estate, affiliate marketing, network marketing/MLM, information technology, auto industry, and more.
What I Do:
  • I do on page and off page optimization.
  • I fix the "tech" problems you may have with your website.
  • I create customized traffic solutions for your business.
  • ​I clean up your traffic.
  • ​I boost your rank.
  • ​I establish your brand locally and nationally.
  • ​And I can even repair a bad reputation
And most importantly, I create results that last. ALL of my clients continue to receive passive traffic results long after service is done.
This is why many of them come back year after year.
Anybody can "drive traffic".
Not everyone cares enough to make sure that you are really ready to begin receiving traffic before sending it, and not just anyone can build your brand, repair your reputation, increase your rank, and deliver high-quality, organic traffic that converts, with long-lasting results.
And not everyone has the power of an entire B2B and search network behind them.
If you need high quality organic traffic, Live Minder is for you.

Are you REALLY ready to start receiving traffic?

Book your 1-hour session now and be sure that you're really ready.
What You Will Receive:
During our consultation, we will:
  • Go over your business model.
  • Help you identify your market and idea customers.
  • Talk about strategies you can implement.
  • ​Make sure that everything in your funnel works.
  • ​Identify any technical problems you may have.
  • ​Make sure that you're ready for organic search results.
  • ​And much more.
And after our consultation, you will be confident that you are ready, have a plan of action in place, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're really ready to start receiving traffic.

PS: If you're already in business and you're not getting the results you want? This can help.

What Others Are Saying

Having a minute to talk to someone before starting a new project blind is incredibly important. Dexter was able to give me some immediate direction yet also is working, now, to help me with the next steps. I would highly recommend you spend an hour with Dexter before making a final decision on any of the programs. - Mark H.
I highly recommend Dexter, my business partner and I call him the Lead Titan! He WILL take care of you. We are starting a new business and he is making sure everything is ready to go before allowing us to move to his next package. The consultation is key before starting with him, DO NOT skip it! I really appreciate Dexter's willingness to over deliver as we did hit a few snags regarding our website and he is helping me communicate with Blue Host on how to resolve the issue. He also gave detailed insight into our niche. If you're looking for someone who will not only do the task at hand, (and do it well), but also take the time to really SERVE your needs, look no further!
Dexter is awesome! He is very knowledgeable and educated me during the consultation so that I can understand certain terms and processes he suggested. He knew exactly what I needed once we went through the general workings of the business and the technology that is currently being used. I would definitely recommend the consultation service to anyone looking for a foundational starting point. - Nicole C
Do you know how awesome our app is? We will tell you all about us below...
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