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We combine more than 20 years of technical experience with our sales and marketing expertise to create high quality solutions for your business.

Let the experts at TechDex help you on your journey to success!

Programming, engineering, custom software solutions, funnel building, advertising, marketing, consulting, and more...
Dexter Nelson (MCP), Founder

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High Quality Tech Consultation
TechDex HQ Tech Consult
Are you really ready to drive traffic to your website or funnel? Book an HQ tech consult with one of our experts and make absolutely sure you don't waste time, energy, or money on your campaign. Don't throw good money after bad. We offer peace of mind.
90 Day Traffic Pack
90 Day Traffic Pack (SEO & Branding)
Our most popular marketing kit. This start pack allows you to test drive our services with minimum financial risk, and see the results for yourself. You'll receive a full 90 days of expert advertising and marketing, including some branding and basic SEO.
Live Minder Marketing Pack
Live Minder Online Marketing
For businesses that are serious about long term results, experience the full power of Live Minder marketing, featuring both free and paid marketing campaigns, branding, in-depth SEO, product and marketing development, and much more.
CIO On-Call
TechDex CIO On-Call
Make sure that your business infrastructure is optimized, efficient, updated, secure and is ready for growth with steady tech support and business consulting. It's like having a highly paid C.I.O. (Chief Information Officer) on-call, without the 6-figure CIO cost.
Live Immunizer
TechDex Live Immunizer
TechDex Live Immunizer is a real-time website security service that creates an extra layer of protection against attackers, bots, and other emerging threats, including AI-powered attacks. Install once for comprehensive, always-on protection.
B2B Marketplace
Live Minder Connect B2B Marketplace
Our B2B Marketplace is a powerful marketing platform designed to revolutionize your business's online presence. Expand your reach and grow your business by marketing you products and services, promoting offers, running display ads, and more.
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